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  • “Trauma is also a wordless story our body tells itself about what is safe and what is a threat.” – Resmaa Menakem

    Welcome to HEALmatic Group Practice! We are a team of therapists that show up as our full selves. We believe that you are the experts on your life experiences, and we, as therapists, are not saviors but guides to help you reach your goals. Our philosophy is simple, we honor what you want to work toward building in your life. This could be self-confidence, healing and freedom in certain relationships including your relationship with yourself, or feeling better holistically (mind, body, heart, spirit). We believe that your brain is the blueprint, meaning that your brain has the ability to heal itself. As therapists, we take the blueprint and bring our tools to help build and work toward accomplishing your goals. These tools range from theoretical models/orientations and clinical interventions all individualized to meet your needs. We believe therapy is a collaborative process and healing is work that both therapist and participant walk together.